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    Welcome to Room 7 News
    Welcome back to  a new school year!  I am looking forward to a very busy and challenging year. 
    Following is some information that will be helpful to you as we venture through the school year together.
    We are using the Competent Learner Model throughout the school in the Autistic Support Program. We will be working to implement this program with your child to help them become a student ready to learn.  
    Communication Books
    Your child has a blue binder that contains information about his/her school day.  There will be a communication sheet added each day that includes: behavior, academics, lunch, transitions, etc.  Please review the information that is sent home and sign it to show that you have read it on a daily basis.  There will also be a comment section on this sheet for you to ask questions or comment.  There are also sections for Occupational Therapy and Speech and Language Therapy.  Please review this information as well after your child has had this service.
    Contacting the School or Your Teacher
    Mountain View Elementary School Phone Number: (717)675-8585
    Mrs. Motter's Email: mmotter@cdschools.org
     If you wish to send in refreshments for your child's birthday, please let me know ahead of time the day you plan to do this.  Those with summer birthdays may choose any day during the year to celebrate their birthdays.  Please check with me on the date that you choose before sending in a treat for the students.  The treat that is sent in will be shared with the class at lunch.
    Clothing and Toys
    In the past I have learned that it is best practice to always have an extra set of clothing on hand for those "just in case" moments.  I am asking that each child have an extra change of clothes here at school for those "just in case" moments.  Also, please put your child's name on everything that is theirs that comes to school, i.e. jackets, book bags, and other personal items.  Please refrain from sending in toys or games if at all possible.  They tend to be a distraction in the classroom. 
Last Modified on September 11, 2018