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    Mrs. Ross
     Room 5
    Mountain View Elementary



              Day 1        Art
              Day 2        Music
              Day 3        P.E
              Day 4        Library

              Day 5        Computer Lab

    *Please wear sneakers on  Day 3 for P.E class. 



    Please Note the following:


    Other Important Information:

    1. Please label all of your child's personal belongings with their first and last name. 

    2. If your child is leaving the school day early or is changing their mode of transportation (car rider/bus rider) for the day, please send a note in to me or notify Mrs. Barner in the office. 

    3. Since the school days can be long and especially hot in these first few weeks, your child may bring a water bottle to school. It will be kept on the shelf during the day. Water only please! 

    4. Your child may pack a small snack to eat at second recess. 

    5. If you would like to volunteer in our classroom, you will need to get a blue volunteer badge from the administration building. 

    6. Our classroom is very busy and we are always in need of these items:

    -glue sticks

    -soft tissues

    -baby wipes (Target brand)

    -Clorox/Lysol wipes

    -zip loc baggies (all sizes)

    -paper towels. 

    Any donation to our classroom is greatly appreciated! Thank you in advance! :) 



Last Modified on August 22, 2019