SCRIPTS DUE: 03/17/23


    PROGRAM DUE: 04/13/23

    DRESS REHEARSAL: 04/25/23

    SHOW: 04/26/23

For Directors

  • Scripts Due: 03/17/2023


    Before auditions you will choose your play. It should: 

    • Be around ten minutes long
    • Not have too large of a cast (3-5 is ideal)
    • Be simple to costume and have a minimal set
    • Be school appropriate (you may edit) 


    Once you find a script you do any necessary edits and submit a draft to me. Ideally, copy it to a Google Doc and share it to me at BProper@cdschools.org


    We will revise together until it is read. 

    For auditions choose a small section for the auditioners to read: Bring at least ten copies to auditions. 


  • Auditions will be held on Thursday March 23rd after school in the auditorium. 

    Directors will stand up in front of the room and explain the gist of their play. 

    They will then spread around the auditorium. 

    Potential actors will fill out a notecard with their contact information, find a buddy and travel from director to director completing short auditions. 

    Actors: When you are done auditioning for each director, you may go home. Expect the whole process to take until around 4 pm. 

    If you are cast you will be contacted by your individual directors. 


Dress Rehearsal and Show Night

  • Dress Rehearsal: Tuesday 4/25 

    Each director will sign up for a time slot. Please arrive fifteen minutes early for your time slot. Arrive in costume and makeup. You will have a total of thirty minutes to set up and run your show. If the actors fall too far off script or are unable to complete the show, you will not be able to perform in the real show. 

    Also bring a a copy of your script for me AND a marked copy for the booth. This should have (simple) light cues and all of the actor's names with a space to write in a mic number for the crew. 

    After dress rehearsal you will leave and then I will put together and share a show order later that evening. 


    Show Night: Wednesday 4/26

    The show will begin at 7 so EVERYONE must be backstage by 5:30. Tickets will be available at the door. There will be a short intermission during the show AND there will be an awards ceremony at the end of the show. 

    You MUST take all of your stuff home after the show. We cannot leave anything backstage. 


Last Modified on March 7, 2023