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    New PA state standards require each child to participate in a wide range of reading. In order to meet this new requirement, the Central Dauphin School District is implementing the RAH RAH (Read at Home) plan to encourage and support home reading. Numerous research studies have shown that students who read more are better readers.

    Students will be challenged to reach weekly goals for home reading based on their grade level. Please note that the goals are the minimum per grade, but students are always encouraged to read beyond the recommendations.



    Kindergarten-1st grade

    50 minutes a week

    2nd -3rd grade

    75 minutes a week

    4th -5th grade

    100 minutes a week

     Home reading looks like, but is not limited to:

    ·         Parent reads to child

    ·         Child reads to parent

    ·         Family reads together

    ·         Child reads independently

    ·         Child reads with siblings, friends, caregivers, etc.

    Reading materials can include but are not limited to:  books, magazines, reading anthology/Leveled Readers, Library Books, e Readers, anything sent home by the teacher, etc.

    * Please note that social media does NOT count.

    As a parent, your role is to ensure that children are completing the RAH RAH monthly calendar.  Your child’s teacher will be supporting you in encouraging students to reach their reading goal.  If you feel your child’s goal needs to be adjusted please contact his or her teacher. Goals may be adjusted based on your child’s needs.

    Consult with your child’s teacher or with a reading specialist at your school if you have any questions or concerns.

    Thank you!

    Central Dauphin Elementary Reading Specialists

Last Modified on March 2, 2016