James and the Giant Peach Jr. 
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    Cast A (Thursday/Saturday Night)

    James              Henry C

    Spiker              Ellie B

    Sponge           Emma D

    Ladybug          Joy N

    Spider              Payton G

    Grasshopper   Aiden G

    Earthworm      Griffin K

    Centipede       Lexie M

    Ladahlord        Kennedy H


    Cast 1 (Friday/Saturday Matinee)

    James              Brandon D

    Spiker              Brynley P

    Sponge           Emma H

    Ladybug          Anna H

    Spider              Caliegh F

    Grasshopper   Connor R

    Earthworm      Mabel E

    Centipede       Alyssa E

    Ladahlord        Lucia J





Last Modified on March 2, 2023