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      6th Grade Math


      Spring Math is an evidence-based tool designed to promote growth in math for all learners being used in several of our buildings.

      In this program, teachers administer brief, timed assessments to their students and SpringMath will use the data to create customized classwide and/or individual instructional packets for students to boost mastery of math concepts. Spring Math will supplement our core math curriculum, but not replace the core instruction we deliver in math every day. Most students find the brief assessments fun and enjoy trying to beat their scores each day. Spring Math scores will not be used for grades, but instead, are used to select the right instructional support to boost learning.

      Spring Math includes working with math partners, practicing solving problems together, correcting errors and misunderstandings, playing brief games, and trying to beat a goal for improved performance each day. Spring Math usually begins with easier, below-grade-level skills to verify mastery and then rapidly accelerates as children demonstrate mastery of skills. 

      More information about Spring Math can be found at