E-Cigarettes & Vapes Important Information

  • Attention Parents/Guardians of the Central Dauphin School District:  Important Information Regarding E-Cigarettes & Vapes

    Over the past several months, the Central Dauphin School District (CDSD) and local and state law enforcement agencies have seen a rise in the use of e-cigarettes and vapes amongst our students. 

    The issue of e-cigarettes and vapes is not just a school problem, but a community problem as well.

    The CDSD Police Department is working with our local law enforcement to educate our staff and students on this issue.  Because e-cigarettes and vapes are sold on the Internet, in some local stores, and can be acquired illegally by students, the District is providing you with information regarding e-cigarettes and vapes so that you may address this issue with your children. 

    Staff and students (age appropriate) will be educated on the dangers of using these products. 
    Please be aware that any student found to be in possession of e-cigarettes or vaping products will be in violation of the district’s Student Code of Conduct and face possible suspension and/or expulsion from school.

    WHAT SHOULD I DO IF I SUSPECT MY CHILD IS USING? You may contact your family doctor, local police, school guidance counselor, Dauphin County Drug and Alcohol Services (717-635-2254).

    Parent/Guardian Resources:

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