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    What is 1:1 Technology?

    One-to-one computing is a concept where every student is issued a Chromebook computer for use in every class and at home. The student and his/her parent/guardian are responsible for that computer. Through this program, teachers will be able to work with students in different ways and with different expectations than in the past. Students will expand their sources of research, find meaningful real-world assignments, seek out legitimate digital information to solve real-world problems, and collaborate with their peers, teachers, and subject area experts in new ways. 

    Can you still bring your own device?

    While the district has previously supported the use of personal devices in the academic environment, we now require the use of district supplied Chromebooks at the high school level due to special software and settings, and to provide a consistent platform for teachers to target classroom content. If you use a personal device, we cannot guarantee your child will have access to all of the resources and technical support needed in the classroom. 

    Why are we adding 1:1 technology at the high schools?

    By integrating technology into the classroom, Central Dauphin School District’s 1:1 educational initiative will:

    • Prepare students for success in the 21st century 
    • Provide access to digital resources and tools both in and out of school
    • Involve students in learning content that has application in the real-world
    • Promote collaboration with peers, teachers and experts beyond the classroom
    • Promote creativity, problem-solving, engagement, and enthusiasm for learning
    • Encourage the use of self-selected digital resources to accomplish learning tasks
    • Teach and promote 21st century technology responsibility

    The 1:1 technology program will begin at the high school level in grades 9-12 with the goal of expanding the program down through the grade levels in future years. Please review the content on our other pages regarding the 1:1 program. Links can be found at the top of the page and in the right-hand navigation. For a quick overview of the program, please review this Student 1:1 Pamphlet.