• Emergency Plan for Incidents at TMI

    TMI Public Information Brochures:  English & Spanish

    The following summarizes concepts and action that will be taken by the Central Dauphin School District should an incident occur at the nuclear facility, Three Mile Island.

    The Emergency Planning Zone (EPZ) consists of an area of about ten (10) miles in radius around the fixed nuclear facility at TMI. This area includes:Conewago Township, Derry Township, Highspire Borough, Hummelstown Borough, Londonderry Township, Lower Swatara Township, Middletown Borough, Paxtang Borough, Royalton Borough, South Hanover Township, Steelton Borough, Swatara Township and the city of Harrisburg south of I-83, Lower Paxton Township as far north as Union Deposit Road and Nyes Road to and including Red Top Road to the township line.

    Public and nonpublic schools within the Emergency Planning Zone included in the Central Dauphin School District Response Plan are: Chambers Hill Elementary, Lawnton Elementary, Paxtang Elementary, Rutherford Elementary, South Side Elementary, Swatara Middle School, Tri-Community Elementary, Circle School, Phase Four and St. Catherine's Laboure. It is the responsibility of the Central Dauphin School District to evacuate each of these buildings to a location outside of the ten (10) mile EPZ.

    All students attending the above schools will be evacuated to Central Dauphin Middle School, 4600 S. Houcks Road, Harrisburg, except for students from St. Catherine's who will be evacuated to E. H. Phillips Elementary School, 100 Oakmont Road, Harrisburg and Bishop McDevitt High School who will be evacuated to the Catholic Diocese, 4800 Union Deposit Rd,  Harrisburg. Students will remain at these two host schools until released to their parents/guardians through proper release procedures as established by their respective schools. All students attending Central Dauphin East Middle and Central Dauphin East High School will remain sheltered in their school until released to their parents/guardians. Students that drive to school will remain in the building until released to their parents/guardians.; they will not be permitted to leave in their cars.

    Parents are urged to listen for public announcements released through the Emergency Broadcast System by the Dauphin County Emergency Management Agency. In the event of a Three Mile Island incident, parents should turn their radios to The Cumulus Media and The Clear Channel Stations and television stations 8, 21, 27, Fox 43 and WITF. Additionally, the district will use the parent notification system to provide information on the status of the incident and the steps being taken to comply with the directives from the Dauphin County Emergency Management Agency or the Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency.


    An incident is an event for a condition at a nuclear power plat which could result in impact on public health and safely. Five incident classes have been identified from the least serious to the most serious:

    Event of Potential Public Interest- An event that occurs that may be of significance to the public such as medical emergencies and other non- radiological related events.

    Unusual Event- Unusual events are in process or have occurred which indicate a potential degradation of the level of safety of the plant or indicate a security threat to facility protection. No releases of radioactive material requiring off –site response or monitoring are expected unless further degradation of safety system occurs.

    Alert- Events are in process or have occurred which involve an actual or potential substantial degradation of the level of safety of the plant or a security event that involves probable life threatening risk to site personnel or damage to site equipment because of HOSTILE ACTION. Any releases are expected to be limited to small fractions of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Protective Action Guide exposure levels.

    Site Area Emergency- Events are in process or have occurred which involve actual or likely major failures of plant functions needed for protection of the public or HOSTILE ACTION that results in intentional damage or malicious acts; 1) toward site personnel or equipment that could lead to the likely failure of, or 2) prevents effective access to equipment needed for the protection of the public. Any releases are not expected to exceed EPA Protective Action Guide exposure levels beyond the site boundary.

    General Emergency- Events are in process or have occurred which involve actual or imminent substantial core degradation or melting with potential for loss of containment integrity or Hostile Action that results in an actual loss of containment integrity or HOSTILE ACTION that results in an actual loss of physical control of the facility. Releases can be reasonably expected to exceed EPA Protective Action Guide exposure levels offsite for more than the immediate site area.


    Please cooperate with school administration by following these recommendations:

    1. Do not try to enter schools within the ten (10)-mile EPZ once an evacuation has been ordered.
    2. Upon entering a school building outside the ten (10)-mile EPZ, please abide by the regulations established by school officials. Remain calm. Properly identify yourself. Before leaving with your son/daughter be certain his/her name has been taken off the class register.
    3. Each building principal will have a plan of action pertaining to incidents at TMI. Review the plan of operation at PTO/PTA meetings, so that you are familiar with the procedures that will be followed. If you have a question, please ask the building principal.
    4. Should an incident at TMI be announced, two of the most critical problems will be communications and transportation. Parents are urged to listen carefully to public announcements over the Emergency Broadcast System and those received through the parent notification system. It is extremely important that you keep the school informed of any change in phone numbers or addressAvoid calling or driving to schools located in the ten (10)-mile EPZ. Your cooperation in implementing this plan will be absolutely necessary if we are to protect the health and safety of our children.
    5. Remember to take time to establish a family communications plan and personal response plan. Review your plans of action with each member of your family. Should an order to evacuate be issued, you will not be allowed back into the 10-mile EPZ. Prepare an emergency kit that can be taken with you once you leave your home. There are many websites that offer suggestions to the contents of such kits: