• EMS Choirs
    Directed by Mrs. Wilson
    2020-2021 Rehearsal Times


    CORE & Hybrid Schedule:
    You will receive small group lesson schedules after school starts.  There are no full ensembles to start the year but we will have small group lessons each week.  These will start after the first week of school.  Your lesson schedule will be posted in Canvas and available in paper form outside of the music room as well.
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    I hope you had a super summer!! Welcome back!!  Keep singing!!


    Remember to log in to our Choir Class on Canvas at the start of each week for your weekly assignments and schedules!

    Canvas log on page:



    Check out the music links page for fun music sites to explore this summer!


    Fall 2020

    CDSD Middle School Choir Grading Policies

    ●      60% Preparation/Daily Participation/Writing (Labeled as Class Participation in the Gradebook)

    o   Daily Participation Rubric - Please view here: CDSD MS Choir Daily Participation Rubric

    o   “Do now” worksheets

    o   Performance Tasks

    o   Writing Tasks, such as reflective writing and listening reflections


    ●      40% Assessments/Concerts (Labeled as Assessments in the Gradebook)

    o   Concerts Attendance is expected.  If there is an unavoidable family situation (wedding, graduation or educational trip) or illness that would prevent a student from attending the concert, the teacher must be contacted by phone or email prior to the concert.  If there is an unexcused absence for a concert a make-up assignment may be given.

    o   Singing Quizzes

    o   Other Assessments (performance tasks, written assessments, listening reflections, and other performance tasks)


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