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    Hello and welcome back for the 2022 - 2023 School Year! 

    Mrs. Bright and Mrs. Hile are excited for the school year to begin and to begin working with all of our students. It certainly has been a challenging year for all of us, but we are in this together and we will make it through these uncertain times. We will be using Canvas to post various activities and lessons that we do throughout the school year including, career development, course selection, Dauphin County Technical School application process, mindfulness, mental health awareness, and academic development, among many others. 

    Counselors can be reached by phone or email. 

    Please refer to our SMS Counseling Canvas page  

     Counselor Canvas Page

     CDSD Resources

    Your SMS School Counselors,

    Mrs. Meggan Bright (A-L)                                                  Mrs. Kelsey Hile(M-Z)

    717-939-9363 x 76332                                                     717-939-9363 x 76333

    mbright@cdschools.org                                                    khile@cdschools.org

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