Student Dress Code
    Dress Code
    Students should at all times be dressed in a manner that is conducive to a scholastic atmosphere and have the right to wear such clothing or apparel as they choose, unless such clothing or apparel distracts from the educational program or constitutes a health or safety hazard. Students may be required to wear certain types of clothing while participating in physical education classes, shops, extracurricular activities or other situations where special attire may be required to assure the health or safety of the student. Students have the responsibility to keep themselves, their clothes and their hair clean. Where the lack of cleanliness constitutes a health hazard, appropriate restrictions or limitations upon the student’s participation in the regular instructional program, or discipline, may be imposed.
    Prohibited items include but are not limited to;
    • Clothing or products displaying drugs, alcohol, tobacco, racial, violence, derogatory/negative message or sexual innuendo
    • Gloves, hats, caps, scarves, sunglasses, headphones/ earphones or other head gear unless wearing of such articles is in keeping with an organized religion
    • Outer wear (coats and jackets)
    • Camisoles, halter or tank type shirts
    • Revealing clothes, shorts, skirts or dresses less than midthigh length, shirts and blouses that expose the chest area or midsection
    • Profane, gang related, or suggestive lettering or pictures on clothing
    • Metal spiked accessories; heavy key/wallet chains
    • Pajamas (tops and/or bottoms)
    • Footwear with wheels or Slippers
    • Sagging pants
    • Exposure of undergarments
Last Modified on April 21, 2011