• Attendance
    School begins at 9:00 AM.  Any student not in the classroom by this time will be considered tardy.  Students arriving late should report to the office accompanied by a parent with a written excuse.  Please refer to the Central Dauphin School District Handbook Page 32 for consequences of tardiness.
    Student Appointments
    A student who arrives late to school due to an excused reason such as a doctor or dentist appointment, should report to the office with a note from the appointment.  This s considered an excused tardy.
    A student who has an appointment during the school day should report to class with a note from the parent.  The parent reports to the office to pick up the child for the appointment and the child returns with a note from the appointment either that day or the next morning.
    After a student has been absent from school, an excuse is signed by a parent or doctor must be given to the teacher or directly to the office within three (3) days to have the absence excused. 
    If the student have been absent for three (3) or more consecutive day, a Doctor Note is required to have the absence excused.
    Educational Trips
    Forms for planned vacation or day-trip are in the office and should be completed by the parent and approved by the pricipal seven (7) days prior to the absence.  District policy permits no more than five (5) days total each school year. 
    *No Educational Trips will be approved during the PSSA testing windows.
Last Modified on October 27, 2010