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How to Translate the CDSD Website

Dear Parent and/or Guardian,

The Central Dauphin School District is committed to communicating with parents and/or guardians in a language that they understand.  Our district website can easily be translated into a number of different languages with a click of a button.  To help you navigate our website, we have listed some easy to follow steps below.  If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the ELD teacher(s) in your building.  Thank you!

Step 1: Log on to

Step 2: At the bottom of the website, click on the TRANSLATE button and select your language.

How to Translate the District Website  

Step 3:  You are now able to view the website and any document that the district, school, or teacher uploads to their website.  

Step 4:  On the school’s website, there is also a Translated Documents link under SITE SHORTCUTS that will help you with school-wide papers sent home with your child.

Directions to translate the district website: