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The G.R.E.A.T Panther Nation CARE Kick Off Project of 2019

East High’s G.R.E.A.T Panther Nation Team traveled to every classroom this week pushing around carts of paint, and shapes cut out of plywood.  Although students and staff did not know it at the time, they were all contributing to a piece of art where multiple colors and one word hold special meaning for our school community. 

Over time, colors have played an important role in our history, our cultures, our beliefs, our emotions, and our experiences.   Here is what this project means to East:

The Black, White and Grey background that Freshmen added to this piece with their handprints represents East High pride through our school colors.

East High Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors contributed to this piece with overlapping handprints of the color orange.  Although the color orange takes on a variety of meanings in different cultures, the color orange here in the letters C, A, R, and E represents diversity.  Equally as important, East High wants to promote excellence with an emphasis on Empathy and Kindness through the word CARE.

Lastly, the ribbons --Purple handprints fading into turquoise represents suicide awareness, with royal blue symbolizing bullying prevention and Grief Awareness, and green representing Mental Health Awareness.

The piece features symbolizes that we all have a hand in creating a caring East High community built on Grit, Respect, Excellence, Accountability and Tolerance.


The GREAT Panther Nation Care Kick Off


The GREAT Panther Nation Care Kick Off Project