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The GIANT Company Announces Round Up Program Will Continue In 2022

Dear CDSD Community,

For nearly 100 years, The GIANT Company has been actively involved in the community to connect families for a better future. That is why they remain focused on eliminating hunger, especially among children.

The GIANT Company is pleased to announce that the Round Up Program, in support of feeding children throughout our school district, will continue in 2022.  We are excited to partner, once again, with The Giant Company to raise money to find new ways to eliminate childhood hunger in our community. 

Throughout January and February 2022, The GIANT Company will invite customers to donate to join us in support of school district food and meal programs. And The GIANT Company will directly support their customers’ generosity with an additional $250,000 donation!

Attached are the program FAQs and a letter announcing our District’s partnership with the Giant Company.