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Parking Permits for Students

Students will be able to drive to school but they must obtain a parking permit from the school. Parking permits are available in the main office.  
At the beginning of school students may drive to school but must park in the back lot by the gym. Effective September the 14th students without a valid parking permit will be ticketed. NO students unless involved in Dual-Enrollment or Co-Op are permitted to park in the front main lot. These vehicles may be towed at the expense of the vehicles owner. Student's that arrive late to school regardless of weather conditions are expected to park in the back student lot. All vehicles are subject to being searched as deemed necessary by school officials. 
For the 2020-2021 parking passes are free this year. Please stop at the office fill out a new form and update your information. 
Any student who asks permission to go to their car during school hours MUST be escorted to their car for safety reasons.
Students will need to stop by the office and pick up a parental permission form prior to obtaining their pass. You must bring a current vehicle registration, their driver's license, proof of insurance. Please call the school at 541-1662 ext. 389 for any questions.