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Attendance Procedure 2020-2021

This year many things look a little different including the way we do attendance. If your child is out for any reason:

Illness, educational trip, religious holiday you must provide the school with a hand signed note. 

For 1-2 day absent for illness please provide the school with a parent or doctor note within 3 days of the students absence. For 3 or more days we must have a doctors note. 

If you are able to write a note and scan it in, you can email it to If you cannot scan it in you can take a picture of the note and email it in. 

For berevement days please call the school for more information. 

Attached are Educational Trip Forms, Absent Note Forms, and Religious Holiday Forms. 

Attendance Policy

Absence Notes

Religious Absent Note

Educational Trip Form


Please feel free to call the school with any questions. 717-541-1662.