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Central Dauphin Middle School
Mr. Todd Schreffler - Room 102
phone # 540-4606 ext. 4102
Teacher Availability - 4th & 9th periods 
Inclement Weather Zoom Link can be found on CANVAS Home Page and on 'Course Information' page in CANVAS
Course Taught:
8th Grade Research & Communications Literacy

CANVAS Assignments

Students will use CANVAS to access and turn in most assignments. Students will be advised when assignments are posted and when assignments are due. We will go over the assignment in class and students will be shown how to access CANVAS and upload their work.


Forever Assignments

Students will participate in The Reading Exact Path Diagnostic Tests in August & September. Students will then be expected to work in their Reading Learning Path for 30 minutes a week. This will generally be the expectation for at home work throughout the week.

Additionally, independent reading practice will be a regular expectation as well.  Students will be expected to read for a minimum of 15 minutes a week and periodically respond or reflect on their reading experiences.

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  • This 8th grade course combines elements of Digital Citizenship, Reading, Research, Public Speaking, Multimedia Presentations, & Debates

  • This course focuses on the ‘soft’ skills that future employers are looking for in a quality employee.

  • Ability to think critically

  • Ability to communicate with colleagues and boss verbally and in written form through presentations.

  • Ability to practice regularly the four main types of communication we use on a daily basis: Verbal, nonverbal, written and visual.


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