Enrollment to the CDSD Online Academy

The CD Online Academy-CAOLA is an OPTIONAL program that students have to enroll into. 
Your Guidance Counselor and Principal are the ones to give approval to be online. Enrollment is not automatic even after completing an application.  This program has strict guidelines and expectations.  As you go through the application process, students must remain educated in his/her current placement until the process is completed.  If accepted into the CD Online Academy-CAOLA, we will let you know what the next steps are. 
Your child MUST BE registered with the Central Dauphin School District before s/he can even apply for the CDSD Online Academy.  If your chld is not registered, please call, 545-4703 x 222 or x 257.  
CD Online Academy-CAOLA has different beginning and ending dates than the CDSD brick and mortar school. This is due to needing time for processing grades. 
Marking Period dates dictate when all work must be complete. 
They are the following: 
Marking Period 1 = 8/26-10/21
Marking Period 2 = 10/22-1/13
Marking Period 3 = 1/14-3/19
Marking Period 4 = 3/20-5/26 FOR SENIORS; 
                             3/20-5/28 FOR GRADES 9, 10,11
                             3/20-6/4 FOR GRADES 6,7,8
If you have any questions, call Dr. James A. Miller, CD Online Academy-CAOLA principal.
 The CD Online-CAOLA Application for 2019-2020 is under the Academics tab (above) and Site Shortcuts.